Virtual Pet Dog, Adopt A Virtual Dog

Q: What is a virtual dog?

A: Virtual dogs or digital puppies give you the fun and satisfaction of taking care of a pet without the hassle and expense that a real dog entails.

You can feed, walk, bathe and care for your virtual dog at various websites.

In today's online world virtual dogs are dominating the world of virtual or digital pets. Pick up a v dog today.

Tips and tricks for virtual dogs.

  1. Playing with your dog will raise its Happiness score. Your dog will lose one Happiness point every day, so to keep it's level at 10/10 simply play with your dog once each day.
  2. Make sure to feed and give your virtual dog water or it will likely lose health.
  3. Remember to exercise your pet dog or it will lose fitness.
  4. Health is simply how healthy your dog’s eyes, ears, hips, and elbows are. They can get a rating of Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent, Poor being the worst and Excellent being the best. Better health stats can help your dog perform better in shows.
  5. In most games you can buy accessories and toys for your pet dog. Sometimes even clothes and glasses. You may have to earn the credits in the game itself to purchase these items.
  6. Most V Dogs can be bathed and taken care of like real life pets.
Is chocolate really bad for dogs?
It is true that chocolate is bad for and even harmful to your pooch.

The reason is that chocolate contains something called theobromine. It is a substance that can cause erratic heartbeat in dogs and could even cause death. Though to cause death the dog would have to ingest a large amount of chocolate.

So please keep your pet away from the chocolate, plus its bad for her figure anyhow.

Caffeine can also have a similar affect on dogs, so keep that away from them too.

But seriously, if you believe your pet has overdosed on chocolate, please contact a vet right away for help. by Kerry Zangara
Help! My dog has fleas OMG!

Fleas can be a common nuisance for pet owners, especially in the warmer months of the year. Fleas can also be very harmful to you and your pet. If your dog has fleas you're going to want to try to get rid of them immediately.

First give the dog a bath. Take some baby shampoo or dog shampoo and mix it in a cup with about 50% vinegar. Pour a warm bath for the dog, place the dog in the bath and start to rub in the mixture like you would shampoo.

Be careful not to get the mixture in the dog's eyes as this will burn the animal. Let the dog soak for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse out the excess shampoo. You may need to repeat this process more than once to kill all the fleas.

For preventive maintenance you can take a spray bottle and mix it with the around 50% vinegar and 50% water. Spray the hair of the dog two to three times a day and comb in the mixture.

Of course clean all of the dogs bedding and spray areas with the water vinegar mix. This is also a good time to get your dog a flea collar if you haven't already done so. Buy some cedar chips and place them in the dogs bedding, fleas hate the smell of cedar.

There also liquid flea treatments you can buy, you apply this to the dog every few months. This will help prevent a new infestation. Also limiting the amount of time your dog spends out-of-doors is a good idea.

  1. Afghan: An elegant, almost majestic looking hound.
  2. Akita: Our friend from cold, snowy Japan.
  3. American Staffordshire Terrier: Loyal, courageous and rugged.
  4. American Eskimo: A bright white companion who loves the snow.
  5. American Pit Bull Terrier: Not as vicious as made out to be, sturdy breed.
  6. Australian Shepherds: A born herding dog, highly intelligent.
  7. Australian Cattle Dog: A working man’s dog from the land down under
  8. Basset Hound: Floppy ears on this low lying hound make him famous.
  9. Beagle: The Beagle sings a merry tune as he follows his nose through life
  10. Belgian sheep-herding dogs: Versatile, enthusiastic, hard-working, and lovely to look at
  11. Bernese Mountain Dog: Stunning to look at, easy to own
  12. Bichon Frisé: Energy and affection in a powder-puff package
  13. Border Collie: The workaholic dog with a strong desire to please man
  14. Boston’s terrier: A truly American breed.
  15. Borzoi: The gentle Borzoi is strong, swift and supremely graceful
  16. Boxer: Sleek and muscular, the Boxer is a loyal family guard. A powerful breed
  17. Briard: A strong and gentle heart wrapped in fur
  18. Brittany: A happy-go-lucky hunting companion and family pet
  19. Bulldog: A stout classic working breed.
  20. Chihuahua: The famous tiny dog who thinks he's a big dog, can you say "Yo Quiero Taco Bell".
  21. Chow Chow: Our friend from the Orient
  22. Cocker Spaniel: A popular pet with a merry disposition, family favorite.
  23. Collie: Bright and brainy with a gentle demeanor
  24. Dachshund: Delightful, dynamic and droll; a family dog
  25. Dalmatian: Famous from the movies and firehouses everywhere, unmistakable spots.
  26. Doberman Pinscher: The quintessential guard dog.
  27. English Springer Spaniel: A versatile hunter and pet; a happy-go-luck charmer
  28. English Setter: A gentle breed of bird dog.
  29. Fox Terrier: Happy yet mischievous at the same time.
  30. German Shepherd: Highly intelligent, hard working and classy.
  1. Golden Retriever: Known as the best family dog around.
  2. Great Pyrenees: A shepherd's dog and a family companion
  3. Great Dane: A regal, gentle guardian in giant's clothing
  4. Greyhound: Swift, sweet, and graceful at home and in the field
  5. Siberian Husky: Famous Iditarod sled puller.
  6. Jack Russell Terrier: Legendary fox hunter is vigorous, scrappy, and bold
  7. Kerry Blue Terrier: Ireland's National Dog
  8. Labrador Retriever: A good family dog for an active household
  9. Leonberger: A German workhorse.
  10. Malamute: Durable, faithful, intelligent working companion
  11. Miniature Pinscher: King of Toys or court jester, this tiny might needs a firm hand and a sense of humor
  12. Newfoundland: Jolly giants.
  13. Papillon: Favorite of the European courts.
  14. Poodle: 3 sizes to love. Standard, Miniature and Toy.
  15. Pug: Playful, charming, and dignified--- A lot of dog in a little package
  16. Rhodesian Ridgeback: Africa’s big tough lion dog
  17. Rottweiler: A tough, dependable companion with a heart of gold
  18. Samoyed: Beauty and brains in a white fur coat
  19. Miniature Schnauzer: Salt and pepper mischief-maker is delightful family pet
  20. Scottish Terrier: Independent and self-reliant; a spirited companion
  21. Shar-Pei: Wrinkled masterpiece from Asia.
  22. Shetland Sheepdog: Bright, happy-go-lucky herding dogs are devoted companions
  23. Shih Tzu: Royal dignity and loving affection
  24. Spaniels: Happy-go-lucky hunters and companions, spaniels have something for every dog lover
  25. St. Bernard: The heart and soul of a gentle giant
  26. Weimaraner: The gray ghost of field and family room
  27. Welsh Corgi: Small dogs with big dog hearts
  28. Welsh Terrier: Britain's oldest breed
  29. Wheaten Terrier: Irish legends come alive for modern owners
  30. The Whippet: Originally used to hunt rabbits, relative of the greyhound.
  31. Yorkshire Terrier - A playful, pint sized, toy terrier.
Dog Toys
It's true that most people consider their pooch as a part of the family. We like to keep our dog's not only healthy, but happy. Dog's love to play, they are often described as being like kids. So it is no wonder that people like to buy toys for their dogs.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your dog for him / her to have fun.  Sometimes an old rope with a ball tied to the end can be a fun toy for a dog. Dogs love to pull on things, so a tug of war with you is great fun for them.

A bouncy ball is also a dog favorite, many like you to throw them a Frisbee that they can retrieve. Just make sure that its not a good one, as they usually like to chew it a bit before they return it.

Many stores like Walmart, K-Mart , Big Lots sell lots of great dog toys at reasonable prices.

If you want to try to make your own dog toys, YouTube is a good resource for ideas, as well.

If your dog acquires too many toys, you can buy your dog a toy chest. Walmart sells a couple of fun, large toy chests for dogs that are shaped like a giant bone. - - -